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Take a break from the noise and artificiality of contemporary life. Tune in to TELESERENITY, kick back and relax.

To avoid sudden surprises, a Noise Pollution % value is shown in the description below some recordings, from 0% for no undesirable sound to 100% for excessive noise, such as constant traffic or people. For example, the occasional passing car or aircraft that interrupts an otherwise peaceful scene will be given a Noise Pollution value of about 15%.


If you run a live camera or have shot some serene video and it conforms to the guidelines below, submit the description and a link for us to evaluate.

If your footage is rather lovely, it will be considered for inclusion on TELESERENITY and we will pay for it.


  • Live or recorded views of natural locations, such as:
    • Meadows, gardens, views and such where one can see and hear the birds, bees and other wildlife – like this clip
    • Drone footage of gorgeous or interesting landscapes or cities
    • Live streams from animal sanctuaries and wildlife parks
  • 4K or greater resolution.
  • Stable footage – If ground based, please use a tripod and avoid hand held. If from a drone, keep her steady!
  • Ensure the scene is level, no wonky horizons…
    Videography scene alignment
  • Avoid panning, this can make for uncomfortable viewing.
  • No unpleasant visual artefacts.
  • No music. Include the natural sounds of the location – or silence. Viewers can always play their own music to suit.
  • Branding or other embedded graphics are forbidden – credit will be given in the Description.
  • For recorded video, a minimum of 5 minutes, maximum 60 minutes.
  • People cannot be easily identified.
  • Ideally, as little noise pollution as possible – such as Planes, Trains & Automobiles
  • In the case of a live camera, likely to remain active for a reasonable period of time.
  • No 3D, but VR and other immersive content welcome!


Curation: In Progress In progress

Map of the world exploration interface: Pending Pending

Tecterran branded live cameras: Pending Pending


Originally launched in 1994, TELESERENITY was one of the first web destinations to feature live cameras from around the world – with a focus on scenes devoid of people, reducing any privacy issues. Over time, many of the cameras went offline. We waited until we and/or a 3rd party develop cameras that are robust and well financed enough to be deployed for an extended period.

In 1995 we were honored to design and build a web destination for The GeoSphere Project, a pioneering venture lead by Tom Van Sant who produced the first cloud free view of the Earth from space using a composite of satellite imagery. Their eventual aim to project live video of the Earth onto globes located in public spaces and educational establishments. Hopefully such an ideal will be realised now that the live transmission of HD video and telemetry data is being made possible.


Official TELESERENITY YouTube channel

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