Wouldn’t it be cool if products had a unique permanent HUMAN readable ID to make sharing accurate information on a specific item as convenient as that of a phone number? Well, a Product Pi does just that.

Sharing a Product Pi

Referenced by it’s unique 12 digit Pi number, a Product Pi profile displays accurate product specifications in a succinct, tidy, easy to share format known as a Pi Card, such as the rather nice Pi 99 37 00 30 15 01 , the baby steps to off grid living Pi 99 21 38 17 27 22 or the clean running Pi 99 22 38 60 07 69.

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Best of all, each Product Pi is permanent, so even years after a product is withdrawn from the market, people can obtain details, whether for servicing, historical (Pi 99 96 26 28 16 48) or other.

Product Pi Card

Product Pi benefits

  • Detailed
  • Accurate
  • Easy for consumers to share
  • Gives your product prominence within other Pi features
  • Energy consumption/generation figures power Pi user’s LifeMachine LIFEMACHINE clean energy usage monitor
  • Reduces your own admin costs
  • Date Available (Green) / Discontinued (Red) / Due (Orange) status indicator
  • Intelligent responsive layout adapts on the fly
  • Future proof thanks to a mix of structured and free-form data
  • Links to external resources including your official website and resellers
  • Unique permanent 12 digit Pi number identifies each product forever!
  • Friendly URL such as
  • Hide a profile at any time

Product Pi Profile fields

[  ] = Checkbox

  • Unique 12 digit Pi number (generated automatically, always starts with a 9)
  • Category
  • Product image
  • Brand
  • Product Line
  • Model
  • Model Number
  • Description
  • Your internal codename
    • [  ] Display to Public
  • Your SKU
  • Territory
  • Features (Free-form, comma delimited))
  • Weight (g/kg/lbs)
  • Dimensions (mm/cm/m/in/ft)
    • Height
    • Width
    • Depth
  • Specification (Free-form, comma delimited)
  • Energy (Watts)
    • Consumed
    • Generated
  • In the box
  • Manufacturers Warranty (Months)
  • Markets
    • [  ] Consumer
    • [  ] Commercial
  • Links
    • Official Manufacturers Link
      • Name (Your Brand)
      • URL
    • Buy Link 1
      • Name (IE, Amazon)
      • URL
    • Buy Link 2
      • Name
      • URL
    • External 1
      • Name (IE, GSM Arena)
      • URL
    • External 2
      • Name
      • URL
  • Status – Available/Discontinued
    • YYYY MM DD
  • Private notes

How to create a Pi for each of your product(s)

This requires a Location Pi account that on it’s own offers various invaluable utilities, such as task and inventory management and expense logging. One or more Product Pi profiles can then be created at no additional cost, each managed from a Location Pi account.

Find an error or omission? Simply login to edit a Product Pi profile.

What types of products can be listed?

Only branded products can be included. Generic/counterfeit are forbidden.

  • Automotive – For example: Cars, Trucks
  • Electronics – For example: Mobile phones, TVs, USB cables
  • Energy generation – For example: Solar panels, wind turbines
  • Food

Additional categories will follow.

How do people view a Product Pi profile?

  • Directly at it’s URL, for example
  • Inputting the Pi into the search field at, like this:
  • If they don’t know the Pi, by entering keywords into the search field at For example, Playstation 4 Pro.

How to display a Product Pi for maximum effect

Once you have signed up for a Location Pi account and created one or more Product Pi profiles, display the Pi for each on advertising, packaging, price tags and elsewhere. For example:

Pi 99 10 23 49 18 43 or

When manufacturing new products, why not emboss the Pi onto it for long term reference? This will be invaluable to your customers, service personnel and more.

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Retailers – Pi helps reduce returns

To ensure potential customers obtain accurate information on a product, before they make a purchase!, display on each price tag the item Product Pi, for example:

Pi on sample price tag

To lookup the Pi (number), perform a keyword search on the Pi home page at

Cannot find a Product Pi for an item you own, stock or are interested in?

Contact us and we’ll ensure a profile is located or created and forward the Pi to you.

Find a mistake in a Product Pi profile?

Let us know, including a link to official manufacturers specifications. We will then notify the Pi account holder, or if we are managing the profile, make amends right away. Thank you!

Want to see more detailed specs?

If there is not enough information on a product you are interested in, perhaps some of the finer details are missing, make contact and we will get on the case.

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