Pi - Structured Data Platform

When people use words such as “Just what I always wanted!”, “An idea whose time has come.” and “Intriguing.” they’ve obviously discovered something rather special.

That special something is Pi. Taken just once a lifetime, the Pi platform offers relief from the hassles of life through thoughtfully designed integrated utilities that take minutes to learn to drive, yet prove eternally useful.

There are two types of Pi account, Location Location Pi account icon and Personal Personal Pi account icon, each identified by it’s unique 1 to 12 digit Pi (Presence identifier) number.

A Personal Pi includes features suited to individuals, whether just you or part of a small team, such as your family or co-workers in a project. A Location Pi account offers small businesses and public services precision location sharing plus the same expense logging, inventory and task management features available to Personal Pi users.

Managed by a Location Pi account users, a Product Pi references a permanent easy to share profile of any product, from gadgets to solar panels to electric vehicles. Personal and Location Pi accounts are symbiotic. For example, the project manager at a Location can use the Pi task manager to assign a Personal Pi user (such as an employee) a series of tasks. Likewise, the data contained in a Product Pi profile can be used to auto populate the form when logging an acquisition. All quite wonderful!


What can you do with Pi?
A day in your Life with Pi
The Pi Forever Content Logs
Privacy indeed
Who are you?
As easy as
Overall benefits
How to tell if you’re a Pi Person
Clarity of vision

What can you do with Pi?

  • With a Location Pi account, quickly share your where with others
  • Log, view and search acquisitions (purchases, expenses, gifts – anything!)
  • Receive alerts prior to the expiration of warranties
  • Conveniently log and keep a structured list of music tracks, movies and books Personal Pi account icon
  • Create, share and manage tasks
  • Lookup and share accurate details on products
  • Set reminders for just about any eventuality
  • Benefit from Pi Radar scans, if your locality is covered
  • Search for anything you have logged in Pi

Public features

  • Search for and easily share Location and Product info

A day in your Life with Pi

Rise and shine! Oh wait, shucks, no porridge. You hit, select ADD > Task to create a Pi Task entitled Porridge and tag it with Shopping or Groceries – or both. A new song comes on the radio and hits all the right notes, so you select ADD > Music and type a few details into your Pi Forever Music Log.

At work, you set the filters on your Pi dashboard to show any project tasks. Later, you order a laptop (Pi 99 25 22 37 82 44) and login to the company Location Pi account, selecting ADD > Acquisition to record the expense using the Pi Acquisitions Log – tagging it with Gadgets. Thankfully, the laptop has a Product Pi so the description fields on the form are populated automatically.

It’s a glorious day and you’ve arranged a picnic lunch in the park with a friend, but he doesn’t know where it is, so you share it’s Location Pi that shows the main entrance (Pi 38 21 00 53), an ideal meeting point.

On the way home, you visit the supermarket and set your Pi dashboard tag filter to Shopping to view tasks your partner has shared with you along with your self assigned Porridge task from this morning. Each time you put something in the trolley, change the status from Pending Action  to Completed . Your partner will be notified when you indicate you have purchased an item.

You arrive home. It’s been a long day – time to relax on the sofa with a movie and a glass of… Be great to see something new, so you select VIEW > Movies from your list and select Want to only display movies you have yet to see. You fire up your favourite streaming service and kick back. Whilst watching the movie you remember something one of your employees needs to do next week. Before it slips your mind, you select ADD > Task to create a Pi Task (including tagging it with a project tag), after which, your resource will be notified by email and also see the task on their Pi dashboard.

The Pi Forever Content Logs

Personal Pi account icon

Ever wished there was a reliable future proof repository where you can maintain a structured list of music, movies and books you have consumed, wanted or acquired throughout your life? A private space that cared not for the format or publisher of the source, yet adapted as new formats are introduced? The Pi forever logs are the answer.

Unlike free form note taking apps, the Pi forever logs are based on structured data, so they can integrate with future Pi and 3rd party services.

When all else fails, you’ll probably fall back on Pi Forever Content logs as your ever reliable source of ‘like’.

Privacy indeed

Say Yes to feature creep, no to creepy features. Being a paid service with no free option, the Pi business model does not rely upon the sale of your data. You have full control over who sees what within any collaborative or public aspects of the platform.

Pi Contact Manager Projects tag menu

Using the Pi Contact Manager to assign a project tag to a team resource

Thanks to social networking, you may already be used to taking liberties with your dignity. To counter this and protect your comfort zone, Pi has been architected to ensure a trusted relationship already exists between you and those you may need to work with using any Pi collaborative features such as Pi Tasks. Pi does not allow unsolicited communications with another Pi user. Everything must be consensual. Therefore it is safe to give your Pi to others even before forming a trusted relationship.

“Let’s make it so! My Pi is 17 01 02, What’s yours?”

The recipient cannot do anything with it until you and the recipient pair your Pi using the Pi Contact Manager.

Your right to be forgotten: We have been concerned about privacy for longer than anyone. At any time, you can ask us to erase your account in full, once we verify it is you. (Note: No refund will be given.)

Who are you?

Thanks to its ever growing versatility, no matter who you are or what you do, one or more Pi features is sure to prove invaluable.

Educators – A class act. Finally, a robust all-in-one browser based solution that not only helps you assign students tasks but also manage your depar5tment’s equipment inventory and expenses with the Pi Acquisitions log. Pi was designed by the same team responsible for starting the educational and personal desktop publishing revolution, so you’re assured of our experience in making the complex easy.

Home workers – Not keen on giving out your full address? Control who can see what on your Pi Card. For example, only want the public to see your town and mobile phone number? No problem, the Pi Contact Manager will see to that.

Households – Use the Pi Acquisitions log to keep track of purchases, be reminded of expiring warranties and maintain an inventory for insurance and other purposes. Search filters allow you to view what is stored where. For example, show all items stored in your attic, car, lockup etc. Pi Tasks are perfect for shopping, whether alone or as a family. Busy? Assign tasks to other family members – they will automatically receive a notification email, so you do not need to contact them.

Lab managers – Use the acquisitions log for inventory management. Check out some gear to a student or technician? Keep track of it.

Large companies & organisations with disparate locations – If your various departments are hard to find, assign each a Location Pi and share it with anyone trying to visit or obtain your contact details. They can view it’s Pi Card for a location map, contact details and more. “We’re at Pi 87 27 12 5, looking forward to seeing you!”

Local news publishers – Profit from the ‘Pi Powered’ affiliate program by referring your business advertisers to Pi in return for a commission. Contact us for further details.

Product manufacturers – Make it easy for people to share information on your wares by creating a Forever Product Pi profile for your leading products.

Small businesses & high street retailers – Help the happy ones spread the word and get to you with your easy to share Pi Card all-in-one profile. Keep track of expenses and inventory with the Pi Acquisitions log that can also notify you of soon to expire equipment warranties. Assign tasks to you and your staff with the immensely flexible Pi Tasks. And don’t forget to make it easy for visitors or passers by to obtain and share your location by mounting a Pi sticker on your premises.

Students, Potentially, the future of you! From organising your assignments and household shopping with Pi Tasks, maintaining a reliable list of your fav tunes with the popular Pi Forever Music log to being automatically notified your laptop warranty is soon to expire with the Pi Acquisitions log, a Personal Pi not only works for you today but will adapt and improve as you advance through your career from partying studying to graduation to whatever happens next…

As easy as

For all it’s power, once you know the basics, Pi is a doddle to drive.

Signup and select between a Personal or Location Pi account, depending on whether you are an individual or a location such as a business, public service (library, hospital, school etc.)

Choose the unique permanent 1 to 12 digit Pi number that identifies you or your location.

Once signed up and logged in, the innovative MustDash(tm) three part Pi navigation interface will appear at the top.

Your Pi dashboard including 3 part MustDash navigation interface

The Search/Pi field allows you to input keywords to find any content within your account, including Tasks, Acquisitions, Music* track info and so on. If you know the Pi (number) for a location or product, input it directly to view it’s Pi Card all-in-one profile.

Quickly log (‘feed’) items in your account using the ADD menu, or display tables and reports from the VIEW menu.

Configure your account, including using our powerful TagItAll(tm) system to create private (internal) and public tags associated with your life, work and projects. For example: Groceries, Marketing, Shopping, Spain2017, Xanadu etc. Tags make locating and organising your Pi content easier.

Display your Pi everywhere you would a phone number or web address. For ease of reading, separate every two digits with a space –  For example: Pi 55 39 47 00 1

The world’s first ‘find engine’ – Pi Radar Pi Radar uses brands and other data associated with acquisitions you have logged in Pi to scan for and display nearby business and locations that match your profile or that Pi thinks you will find useful.

Your LifeMachine LIFEMACHINE Logo energy usage/generation ratio is displayed top right, motivating your path to an clean off grid existence.

*Personal Pi accounts only

Overall benefits

  • Clean uncluttered UX (User Experience) works smoothly in mobile and desktop browsers
  • TagItAll system makes managing your Pi data infinitely flexible.
  • No negative connotations – Unlike social media, Pi does not include functionality that could lead to loss of privacy and personal space or that creates feelings of envy. The Pi Pairing system ensures that any collaborative features (such as the Task Manager) require all parties to consent to be issued tasks and receive notifications. Further, the pairing process requires each party to be in the presence of or in real-time communications with the other – another Tecterran first. Trusted managed relationships equal reduced awkwardness.
  • Standards based technology – For example, for utmost reliability, any Pi notifications are delivered by email, not a proprietary messaging system, whilst dates are displayed in the Internationally recognised ISO 8601 format, YYYY MM DD as opposed to MM DD YYYY, DD MM YYYY and so on.
  • Continuously upgraded – Periodical improvements and new features will be introduced to Pi. Chances are, if you want it, Tecterran is on the case.
  • One off membership fee – No subscription required, so there is no need to worry about your Pi account being suspended or closing if things get difficult.
  • Eternal support via email

How to tell if you’re a Pi Person


  • Auto playing video commercials that disturb you and those around you
  • Waiting in line whilst people buy lotto tickets
  • Subscription services, preferring the security of full ownership
  • “Do you like us?” website survey pop ups
  • Suffering road rage trying to find car park EXIT signs
  • Faffing about


  • To crack on and not let the minutiae get in the way


What is Pi? A repository of user managed structured data and associated utilities.

What is a Pi? A 1 to 12 digit Presence identifier that can represent you, a product or a geographic location. The manner in which an easy to share Pi can encompass an ever expanding circle of information is the connection with the mathematical Pi. Pi could also stand for Product identifier, Personal identifier, Privacy indeed, Pretty incredible.

Where is my data stored? Amazon Web Services.

Is there anything else like Pi? No.

Clarity of vision

The most important ‘feature’ and why Pi will become an invaluable part of your existence. At Tecterran, each of our ventures is based on a considerable amount of thinking, sketching, planning and use case testing. We don’t just come up with an idea, knock it together and hope it will fly. Everything is carefully envisioned, perfected and optimised. The little things count, such a ensuring that after you edit some information, you’re returned to where you were before, not sent somewhere else and thrown off tack. Or that on a Product Pi Card, if the item is no longer available, the discontinued date is shown in red so you can tell at a glance.

If we are doing our job properly, Pi should integrate into your life and workflow seamlessly, with minimal hassle.

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