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PiCosm andĀ GDPR

Since our founders conceived of some of the ideas behind PiCosm way back when in 1992, in Palo Alto, California, your privacy, ‘space’ and dignity has always been at the heart of the service. And to date, we have honoured that.

You control what information is input into the service, you control how it is used and can erase it at any time. You can even ask us to delete your account in full. More importantly, we do not share the data with anyone else, nor use cookies* to track you, although we do use Google Analytics as a matter of interest to see where people are visiting PiCosm from, but we don’t know who is visiting the site.

Whilst like any service, our engineering staff can conceptually look at any data within the PiCosm system, they are contractually forbidden from doing so without your written permission.

Most importantly, our business model is based entirely on signup fees, not using (or misusing!) your data.

Those with PiCosm accounts may have noticed how few, if any, annoying newsletters or special offer emails we send out. There is a reason, we don’t send them, unless it’s something very important or you have specifically subscribed to periodical newsletters that inform you of new features.

*Your browser may store cookies to preserve login details, however, you can disable this from your browser.