Initially a sensual industrial design study, the ‘OPHONE™’ was conceived in 1999 before the technical and social conditions that make such a device feasible matured. However Tecterran is now working to transform what were once innovative concepts into an intuitive social communications device with a difference or two. The ‘OPHONE’ will be a genuine original based upon ground breaking technology, mostly natural materials and a fabulous user interface displayed on a stunning high resolution circular touch screen display we conceived in 2001.

Although the default functionality will be based on our own user experience, as its name suggests, the ‘OPHONE’ will welcome open source creativity.

Since it’s inception, Tecterran has been researching Android as a foundation OS due to the potential it offers when it comes to multi-form factor scalability and creative 3rd party application development.

*As of 2007 the OPHONE is now codenamed ‘TUiT’.



Rear and side elevation 3d conceptual rendering
(© 1999-2004 Tecterran)

Android logo rotated