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Introducing Product Pi

Accurate product data that’s easy to reference and share

Leamington Spa, England – Ever wished you could reference and share information on a product with the same ease as a telephone number?

Now you can. A component of Tecterran’s Pi Structured Data Platform, a Product Pi profile displays accurate product details in a succinct easy to share format, each identified with a unique permanent human readable 12 digit Pi number known as a Presence identifier.

Whether checking the spec of the stunningly productive new Samsung Galaxy Note8 (Pi 99 65 66 25 13 63), the range of the ludicrously speedy Tesla P100D (Pi 99 80 05 79 26 32) or the energy output of the planet saving Photonic Universe Solar Panel (Pi 99 21 38 17 27 22), each Pi profile is permanent, verified for accuracy and formatted for ease of access on even the smallest display.

With each Product Pi permanent, even years after an item is withdrawn from the market, details can be looked up, ideal for servicing or historical purposes (Pi 99 96 26 28 16 48).

A Pi can be resolved by inputting it at, directly at where x is the 12 digit Pi number – or if you don’t know the Pi, simply use a keyword search, for example, PlayStation 4 Pro

Several well known retailers are already using Pi to help their staff and customers obtain accurate product specs, without need to spend time searching and drilling down on various corporate and other websites where succinct accurate information is hard to find.

To ensure the reliability and longevity of the platform, Tecterran are taking a multi-path approach to the Product Pi curation business model: Manufacturers can signup for a Location Pi account that currently gives them the ability to create and manage an unlimited number of profiles. In parallel, Tecterran are creating Product Pi profiles internally, including links to re-sellers (such as Amazon), taking an affiliate fee from any purchases made via Pi. At any time, a manufacturer can take over a Tecterran managed Pi profile by signing up for a Location Pi account. Duplicate checking is built in to prevent multiple profiles for the same product.


  • Permanent human readable 12 digit Pi number identifies each product
  • Date Available (Green) / Discontinued (Red) / Due (Orange) status indicator
  • Energy usage / generation indicator
  • Links to external resources including official manufacturer information and approved re-sellers
  • For utmost accuracy, managed by the manufacturer or Tecterran
  • Easy to bookmark and share
  • New features always in development

Pi membership also includes the following invaluable extras:

  • Make it easier to monitor expenses, inventory and energy usage/generation by logging purchases with the Pi Acquisitions log
  • Alerts issued a few weeks prior to the expiration of product warranties
  • Manage your team and to dos with the infinitely flexible Pi Tasks
  • The invaluable Pi Radar ‘find engine’ reveals the location of your premises or re-sellers to other Pi users

A Location Pi account required to create Product Pi profiles is available for one off fee of £495.95 with the ability to create unlimited profiles, or £24.95 without Product Pi profile creation. Tecterran do not share or resell user data or display external advertising within Pi.

To learn more, visit

To signup, visit or say “Pi” on 07555 107 556 or at

Founded in 2014, Tecterran is a design focused company crewed by award winning designers and engineers whose background includes Europe’s first desktop publishing application, innovative audio reactive entertainment technology, structured packaging and more. Pi takes a radically different approach to managing information, with usability, reliability and granular control over user privacy the core value proposition.


+44 (0) 7555 107 556

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