“Dedicated to outstanding innovation wherever the potential exists.”

Multidisciplinary in execution, we create or enter any markets requiring innovation or improvement. The consistent Tecterran philosophy encompasses intelligent design, state-of-the-art technology, clarity of vision + a privacy and support policy that puts your dignity and patience first.



Alex B

Pi 25 39
Vision, Conceptual Design & Strategy


Pi 25 26
Industrial + Branding Design


Pi 42
CTO + Project Management

Aerospace construction + Flight testing

Pi 63 45
Business use case analysis + Software engineering


Pi 92 25
Technical business development + UNITY Intern (JOY Gaming Division)

Creative director + character designer (JOY Gaming Division)

George S

Pi 26 12
End user testing Pi Forever Movie Log

Why ‘Thoughtful Company’?

Beyond thinking about product design and usability, we also consider the impact of specific technologies on people and society as a whole.

For example, we have been thinking about Virtual Reality (VR) since it was first discussed by visionary science fiction writers decades ago, but were concerned at the effect such immersive consumption would have on the individual and society in general.

Read more on our new Tecterran Forethought page.

Ventures & Solutions

  • The design and development of software, hardware, systems, sustainable architecture – and most importantly, aerospace – done harmoniously.
  • Information technology, human interface/UX and product design consulting.

Clients and partners include:

  • Advanced Memory Systems (acquired by Logitech)
  • ARM (Advanced Risc Machines)
  • Atari
  • Bitstream
  • CalTrans
  • Commodore Business Machines
  • Datel Electronics
  • FindLaw
  • High End Systems
  • Insignia Solutions
  • LG Electronics
  • Macworld Online
  • Sun Microsystems
  • SpeedEV

Achievements & Firsts

From Tecterran and our founders.

  • World’s first structured data platform
  • World’s first live opening hours display for online location profiles including the world’s first colour coded opening hours
  • Use of next generation web technology before it became mainstream, including semweb & ajax
  • Exploring the world online through navigable scenic art
  • Video scratching
  • Real-time (>50fps) audio reactive multi-layer bitmap animation
  • Display of live digital video on a document – during editing!
  • Direct access control panel GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • World’s first audio reactive video game
    (Coming to PlayStation)
  • World’s first commercial programmable audio reactive video synthesizer
  • Video synthesizer macros for on the fly program recall during live performances
  • Real-time disk access bit map editing
  • World’s (concurrently) first consumer, education and small business desktop publishing application
  • ‘Perspective Aid’ for simulating a 3D effect within a 2D computer graphics application

What excites us

  • Above ground transportation
  • Machines That Work™ (.com)
  • Distributed data and mesh networks
  • Semantic web and NoSQL
  • A clean sustainable economy

Core values

  • Innovation in design and engineering
  • Products and services that last
  • Dignified customer support
  • Respect for privacy of the individual
  • Foundation concern for the environment

Design philosophy

Often top down. We envision a solution and then based on our knowledge of technology and cost, decide if it is viable. On the other hand, a new technology will sometimes appear (such as flexible displays) that enable a new category of product never conceived before. In that case, if ideas spring to mind, we’ll explore the potential!

We appreciate the aesthetic and robust reliable engineering that emanates from the East, in particular Japan – and now Korea and China. Couple that with Scandinavian design for living, and you’re Tecterran.